Friday, November 4, 2011

Plans for the Future

"The Future is a big place..."

This is very true, yet i feel mine creeping up on me every day. each day i find myself wondering about my future, how will i end up? what will become of me? Is college something i even want to concider or do i want to take another path? I have no idea what is ahead of me, it seems on good days, I can't wait to get into college and have the freedom, I'm graduating early becasue even my parents can see public school is not right for me. Last night I think we seriously talked about home schooling (i say i think becasue sometimes when i'm serious, i can't tell that they're not). if i lived with my grandma in Alaska, i'd be home schooled. I'd have a better time trying to graduate early if i were. 

In my Avid class, we are doing carrer research, i don't know what to look up. I love photography and it pays well enough, but can i see myself doing it for my whole life? what about writing? Sure, i write everyday and I'm flawless at grammer (When i'm not ranting on my blog :P) but do i want people to read my writing? do i want to publish books or write for a newspaper? 

Oh the confusion!!

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