Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bad Blogger

So, sorry I haven't been keeping up on my posting lately. I do mean to but It's hard with all the things going on lately. With the EX drama and thinking about the next play, I've been so busy. Anyway, besides what I just mentioned, nothing really blog worthy has been going on. More snow in March. Welcome to Spring! And seeing as tomorrow is the last day before spring break, this may be my last post until April. If you still want your button on my blog I will gladly keep it up and i ask you do the same, email me with info or questions about swaping.

Thanks for being so understanding and loyal readers :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Hand photo challenge"

I'm going to join the photo challenge at The Paper Mama this week and the topic is Hands.

This is my cat, Buddy. He died in December of old age and this was taken by me just a little before that.

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

Good things go bad

Some of you who know me personally know that recently I went through my shortest relationship ever. We were together for about 30 hours but what happened those 30 hours were enough to make me regret them. Not that it was a bad relationship... I was happy with it, and I think he was happy with it too, but we went to far to fast and got both of us stuck in a confused, vulnerable spot. No, I'm not going to say how the break up went down, that stays between us and a few close friends who I needed to vent/cry too; the rest of you will just have to deal with "It just wasn't right at the time." However, due to the crazy amount of questions i've been getting about it, I will answer a few here, just to make people happy.

Who broke up with who?
He brought it up but we both decided we needed to end things.

Will we ever get back together?
I honestly don't know. Maybe. But things would need to change first.

Are we still friends?
At the time, not really... but I would love more than anything to talk to him again. Communication is the basis for any good relationship. 

Tuesday 10: 10 shoes that should be mine


Linking up with Lena and Megan about shoes!!

Jazz up your prom shoes in these feminine high heels by Paris Hilton 

Yes, I have a thing for heals :)
I wish I had the money to make all these mine. 
that would be fantastic!!

Link up and shows us your dream shoe collection!

Monday, March 19, 2012

A beautiful day to believe part 3

A Sweet Southern Mess

Seeing as Love has taken a lot of my time, smiles and tears this week and weekend, I'm going to do my link up today about love.

  • I believe that Love has the power to take a bad day and make it good with little effort.
  • I believe crying can be the best medicine
  • I believe you never truly know a person, no matter how well you think you do (including yourself)
  • I believe in love at first sight
  • But I also believe that sometimes Love isn't fireworks, sometimes Love just comes softly.
  • I believe in forgiveness and second chances
  • I believe in romance.
  • I believe I am a hopeless Romantic

Friday, March 16, 2012

Relationship Status

Should we let our relationship status define who we are? Or should we go on living like we always have just with someone else close by?

No, This is not me trying to be Carrie Bradshaw... (...or maybe it might be a little, but still...) but really, I've had this on my mind all night. Should we change who we are for the new person in our lives? In my last relationship, I changed everything about me for the guy, and it was hard to get me back. I left my friends, left my speech team and Theater, I couldn't believe myself for that, looking back now. But back then it made all the sense in the world, I was in love (or at least I thought I was...) 

This time, It's going to be different. In my new relationship I'm going to hold onto who I actually am and not let myself get so carried away in love that I loose myself again. This guy is so sweet and carrying and he likes me for me. This is the start of something new, something good.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stressful Week

Even though this week has just started, it's already been pretty stressful and I know I can look forward to many, many more stresses until Saturday night. This week is the last week of the play and i've decided to spend my nights ushering and watching. It's not to boring actually, and I get extra credit in Stagecraft, The stresses are those of photography. Today is my last day to get pictures of the play and I want to make sure I spend time making sure everyone is happy with their pictures, I want everyone to have their moment to shine through my lens. So, I hope you all will join me in wishing all the cast members break a leg during the last three nights :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday 10: 10 favorite photos

Linking up with Lena  and Laura for the
Tuesday 10!! 
This week it's photos :) As I am a photographer, I love this assignment.

Link up :)


Monday, March 12, 2012

A wonderful day to believe day 2

Keeping up with Anna @ A sweet Southern Mess in her link up series :)

As some of you know, last Friday was the opening night of Pirates of Penzance! This things I believe this week have to do with that

I believe the music has the power to make you smile.
I believe music can bring people together.
I believe the only thing to fear is fear itself.
I believe love will always find a way to make it through.
I believe a good photo says it all.
I believe in all my friends who have been busting their butts to make this show the best ever.
I believe in the Pirate king and the Major General.
I believe in the Pirates of Penzance.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Oregon Food Bank

Yesterday I went on a class trip to the Oregon Food Bank with my Health Class. I figured it would be super boring: having to scoop and bag beans and all. But actually, it was a blast. we worked for an hour and a half and made 5,700 meals for people who were going hungry in Oregon. It felt really great to be able to help :)

Obviously I'm the one with the camera case... I carry it everywhere.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

How yummy do these look? They actually kind of taste like Fruit Loops. I had a blast with my Betty Crocker frosting set last night, it took a while though. All in all, I'm proud of my cupcakes <3

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Currently: March edition

Linking up with Digger  today :) yay. *Just a note, I'm totally in love with doing Link ups :)*

Currently Counting Down To: The wedding: 59 days
Currently Super Proud: Of how much my blog is growing
Currently Broadening: my photography skills
Currently Concluding: an relationship with my ex, for good.
Currently Reading: Girls in Pants--The third summer of the sisterhood
Currently ThinkingAbout taking pictures of the sky
Currently Charlee's Favorite Thing: Watching Movies and putting on shows
Currently Saving All My Pennies For: A new camera battery
Currently Wanting To Travel To: Home to Alaska
Currently Wanting In My Cupboard: Cupcake mix, you can never have enough
Currently Wanting To Learn: to memorize my events for districts
Currently Drooling Over: Slushies from 7/11
Currently Listening To: Glee
Currently Obsessed With: Sex And The City
Currently 1st Place Comedic Genius: The Big Bang Theory
Currently 2nd Place Comedic Genius: Glee
Currently Addicted To: Blogging/messing with my blog
Currently Fantasizing About: Summer :)
Currently Sad Because: Family drama
Currently My Motto: Give hope a chance to float up, and it always will.
Currently Dreaming Of: going to Alaska
Currently Needing To Update: The pictures of Bella and I for my grandma
Currently Yearning For: Summer.
Currently Want To See In My Closet: A pair of flat dress shoes
Currently Enjoying: blogging/writing
Currently Have A Girl Crush On: Lea Michelle
Currently Shopping: Walgreens (they have everything!)
Currently Discovered: I can use a drill
Currently Redecorating: my blog (always)
Currently A Few Blogs I'm Lovingmom2memphisandruby, Keep Calm And Carry On, My Blog Named Kip and A sweet Southern Mess

Link up and let us know :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday 10: 10 things in my bag

Linking up with Lena @ Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby for her 10 things weekly link up :) This seems super fun.

Though I don't normaly carry a purse, I do have things on me at all times that I can share (I would have a picture if I knew about this before hand, but I just saw this like 5 minutes ago and though it would be fun to do, so forgive me this time)

Without further ado, 10 Things you will find in my bag:

1) My cell phone-- I don't leave my bedroom without it, let alone my house.

2) My Nikon Coolpix P500-- not the best camera, but it cost enough and takes good photos. it's like my baby. I just finished paying it off.

3) Chapstick or Lip gloss-- I'm a girl, I like color on my lips

4) Money-- though I never seem to have enough for whatever it is I want to buy.

5) Keys-- However, I sometimes forget them on my dresser...

6) A book-- I hate getting somewhere early and having nothing to do, so I carry a book with me, currently it's Girls in Pants- the third summer of the sisterhood.

7) Migraine Medicine-- Mostly Excedrin: for my chronic Migraines 

8) Water-- especially if I go out with Charlee or one of the other children I nanny.

9) Crochet-- My sister Angie and I are starting to sell our stuff, so we're always working.

10) My dad's business cards-- Because you never know when someone will need their Lawn Mower tuned.

So, there you have it, the top 10 things in my bag on a daily basis. what's in your bag? link up and let us know


Interview @ IBlog4me

Some time today, an amazing blogging community site will be posting my interview, how exciting? It's my first interview and I for one can't wait to see it up. Please check out IBlog4me to see my interview and to check out other amazing blogs which you may fall in love with :) Thanks to all my amazing readers :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Blanchet Speech Tournament

Saturday, March 3rd 2012 was our Last Speech tournament before Districts. How'd we do? Well, not so well. No one on our team finaled. But I did have a really good talk with some amazing boys on my team and it was a really good day anyway. Plus, I got to flirt, which is ALWAYS fun.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Welcome to March

Yesterday, when I posted I totally forgot it was a new month. So now I say... Welcome to March! I'm hopping that some wonderful things happen this month, new followers, good grades, luck at my tournaments, ect. Also, I'm going to be messing around the my blog's layout and design so don't be afraid if every time you visit there is a different look. I want to find that right look that totally sands out as Who I am. I also want to start doing guest posts and interviews. if you're interested, email me. (contact info can be found here). I want to thank all my lovely swap sponsors and for anyone else who would like to swap with me, it's free so don't hesitate to email me about it :)

have a lovely March!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

That Darn Kid

Charlee has never liked her hair. Her mom refused to let anyone cut it until she was 16 years old. Well, that was so, until her dad moved in with some new girl and they decided they wanted it cut. So my mom, being the 'Hair cut lady' of the family, cut it for her from butt-length to shoulder length last summer.

But, On Monday, I came home to a surprise... hair in the cat litter box?! A kid with bangs that stopped more than halfway up her forehead?! She had cut her own bangs and then lied to us saying my mom had done it. However, my mom was home all day and had gotten just as upset when she found out.

Kinds Will Be Kids I suppose... I mean, what kid didn't cut their own hair at least once in their childhood?