Thursday, February 23, 2012

Younger than most

As I explore more and more of the blogging world, I've come to find that I am younger than most other bloggers. Most of the blogs I follow are of people who are college age at least. Some of you who come on my blog may look at me as a child who doesn't know what she is doing. That may be so, but I have found that I am very mature for my age. So please, if I do something wrong or badly, I ask you to send me an email about it and try to help, rather than rant to me. I am a new blogger and writer and photographer, and I love doing this! So I have come to terms with my age and the fact that one day, I will be as old as my readers and as the people who's blogs I read, and by then, by reading their mistakes, it may help me to be more careful and thinks about things more than I would have other wise.

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