Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ignorence is bliss?

((seeing as I've been watching Sex And The City a lot lately, some of my posts may start to sound like something you may hear on the show. :) ))

I ignorance really bliss? If your boyfriend was cheating on you, would you rather know and be unhappy or not know and remain happy? Not that that is what's happening to me, no, not at all, it just seemed like the perfect example for what I was trying to express. Would you really want to know something that would make you unhappy?

Or what about physically ignoring something...or someone... that's my issue. I'm not doing the ignoring, I'm the ignored. He says he's not doing it on purpose, that he has other things on his mind. But there are times where he could come up to me and show in some way that he cares for me. Even just saying hi or giving me a look, anything that shows that I'm on his mind at all. I feel like hearing that he was cheating would feel similar to having him act like I don't exsist at all...

Oh, the joys of High school relationships...

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  1. I kinda miss that show. I should borrow my moms DVD set so I can enjoy it once again :P