Thursday, March 1, 2012

That Darn Kid

Charlee has never liked her hair. Her mom refused to let anyone cut it until she was 16 years old. Well, that was so, until her dad moved in with some new girl and they decided they wanted it cut. So my mom, being the 'Hair cut lady' of the family, cut it for her from butt-length to shoulder length last summer.

But, On Monday, I came home to a surprise... hair in the cat litter box?! A kid with bangs that stopped more than halfway up her forehead?! She had cut her own bangs and then lied to us saying my mom had done it. However, my mom was home all day and had gotten just as upset when she found out.

Kinds Will Be Kids I suppose... I mean, what kid didn't cut their own hair at least once in their childhood?

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