Friday, March 16, 2012

Relationship Status

Should we let our relationship status define who we are? Or should we go on living like we always have just with someone else close by?

No, This is not me trying to be Carrie Bradshaw... (...or maybe it might be a little, but still...) but really, I've had this on my mind all night. Should we change who we are for the new person in our lives? In my last relationship, I changed everything about me for the guy, and it was hard to get me back. I left my friends, left my speech team and Theater, I couldn't believe myself for that, looking back now. But back then it made all the sense in the world, I was in love (or at least I thought I was...) 

This time, It's going to be different. In my new relationship I'm going to hold onto who I actually am and not let myself get so carried away in love that I loose myself again. This guy is so sweet and carrying and he likes me for me. This is the start of something new, something good.

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  1. Always be you!! :) It's great having a relationship but you can't let it define you! Have a great weekend!