Monday, March 12, 2012

A wonderful day to believe day 2

Keeping up with Anna @ A sweet Southern Mess in her link up series :)

As some of you know, last Friday was the opening night of Pirates of Penzance! This things I believe this week have to do with that

I believe the music has the power to make you smile.
I believe music can bring people together.
I believe the only thing to fear is fear itself.
I believe love will always find a way to make it through.
I believe a good photo says it all.
I believe in all my friends who have been busting their butts to make this show the best ever.
I believe in the Pirate king and the Major General.
I believe in the Pirates of Penzance.


  1. My sister put on Pirates of Penzance while she was in middle school. Have fun, it's a great play! I remember the magic of opening night from when I was in theater in high school :)

    1. It's been really fun to watch and photograph. They've all worked really hard I'm so proud of them all.