Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good things go bad

Some of you who know me personally know that recently I went through my shortest relationship ever. We were together for about 30 hours but what happened those 30 hours were enough to make me regret them. Not that it was a bad relationship... I was happy with it, and I think he was happy with it too, but we went to far to fast and got both of us stuck in a confused, vulnerable spot. No, I'm not going to say how the break up went down, that stays between us and a few close friends who I needed to vent/cry too; the rest of you will just have to deal with "It just wasn't right at the time." However, due to the crazy amount of questions i've been getting about it, I will answer a few here, just to make people happy.

Who broke up with who?
He brought it up but we both decided we needed to end things.

Will we ever get back together?
I honestly don't know. Maybe. But things would need to change first.

Are we still friends?
At the time, not really... but I would love more than anything to talk to him again. Communication is the basis for any good relationship. 

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