Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Currently: March edition

Linking up with Digger  today :) yay. *Just a note, I'm totally in love with doing Link ups :)*

Currently Counting Down To: The wedding: 59 days
Currently Super Proud: Of how much my blog is growing
Currently Broadening: my photography skills
Currently Concluding: an relationship with my ex, for good.
Currently Reading: Girls in Pants--The third summer of the sisterhood
Currently ThinkingAbout taking pictures of the sky
Currently Charlee's Favorite Thing: Watching Movies and putting on shows
Currently Saving All My Pennies For: A new camera battery
Currently Wanting To Travel To: Home to Alaska
Currently Wanting In My Cupboard: Cupcake mix, you can never have enough
Currently Wanting To Learn: to memorize my events for districts
Currently Drooling Over: Slushies from 7/11
Currently Listening To: Glee
Currently Obsessed With: Sex And The City
Currently 1st Place Comedic Genius: The Big Bang Theory
Currently 2nd Place Comedic Genius: Glee
Currently Addicted To: Blogging/messing with my blog
Currently Fantasizing About: Summer :)
Currently Sad Because: Family drama
Currently My Motto: Give hope a chance to float up, and it always will.
Currently Dreaming Of: going to Alaska
Currently Needing To Update: The pictures of Bella and I for my grandma
Currently Yearning For: Summer.
Currently Want To See In My Closet: A pair of flat dress shoes
Currently Enjoying: blogging/writing
Currently Have A Girl Crush On: Lea Michelle
Currently Shopping: Walgreens (they have everything!)
Currently Discovered: I can use a drill
Currently Redecorating: my blog (always)
Currently A Few Blogs I'm Lovingmom2memphisandruby, Keep Calm And Carry On, My Blog Named Kip and A sweet Southern Mess

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